Ministry Style

Pat Millea has the energy, passion and substance to connect with and inspire your group, whether they are junior high or high school students, youth or adults, members of a small parish group or attendees at a large conference!

Living his life with the vigor and zeal that only the Holy Spirit can provide, Pat brings that same vitality to each presentation that he gives. His talks draw in each member of the audience with story-telling, personal witness, and plenty of good comedy. When Pat Millea speaks to your group, you can expect a session that engages the entire room, and invites all present to reflect on their relationship with God in a positive and uplifting way!

Pat brings a wealth of theological education and formation to each presentation, and is able to help others to reflect on deep mysteries of our faith in real and applicable ways. His rare gift of communicating the fullness of God’s love has captured the spirits of youth and adults alike. He is always able to connect with one person or a full auditorium.

A gifted musician, Pat has years of experience leading praise and worship sessions and Masses, as well as incorporating music into his presentations.